Our Mission

From early childhood, we’re trained to see and experience life through other people’s thoughts and concepts. This disconnects us from ourselves, and literally takes us out of our minds and bodies. Ultimately, it creates a deep feeling of loneliness and separation. The mission of Body Mind Love is to give us tools for healing and reconnecting and let our love freely flow.

Embodied Awakening

Awakening is to open the hidden door to your inner world, so you can see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears and sense with your own body. And the most important of them all: To love yourself and others with an open mind and an open heart.

Pratyahara & Interoception

In Patanjali’s yoga sutras this is called Pratyahara, which means to not become overwhelmed by the outer world, but find peace and stability inside yourself. In science, it is called interoception, which means sensing your internal body signals.

Body Mind Love Yoga

In the yoga of Body Mind Love, we use a gradual path in six steps to open up the body and mind in a natural and gentle way. They are self-love, relaxation, open senses, breathing, movement and meditation. Sign up for our newsletter for more insights!

Meet Our Team

At the moment, we‘re two persons volunteering for the Body Mind Love project. Please, get in touch if you want to contribute!

"Martin is the support guy, who‘s keeping all the url:s smiling and flowing. That is, when he‘s not flowing himself on the dance floor!"

Martin Andersson

"Peter is a yoga teacher (in four different traditions), dance facilitator, and somatic explorer. He is also a mental trainer, writer, and entrepreneur."

Peter Appel

Support & Contact

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