I embody everything and nothing

dance embodiment yoga Mar 11, 2018
– When I‘m embodied, every method disappears, every wise word is gone and no experience is needed, writes Marjo Wuorisalo. 

By Marjo Wuorisalo

What is embodiment to me?

When I heard the question, I started to laugh!



Not because the question is silly or unnecessary, but because laughter just seems to come at times when words are too small.

Pure laughter expresses simple, spontaneous and free joy.


Methods only

When my good laughter faded away, my mind joined the conversation to see what kind of words I could use to describe something so simple and total as “embodiment”.

Could I say it has something to do with what I do in dance, yoga?

Maybe some elements of “Body Mind Centering” could be passed on as an explanation?

“Embodied anatomy” also came to my mind, as well as “authentic movement” and “free movement”...

But no, these are methods that definitely can help you to be at home in your body, to be embodied.

And yes, as exercises they’re fun to do.

However, when I am embodied, every method disappears, every wise word is gone and no experience is needed:

I am.

Love is.

Life is.


Pure, wild Love

Embodiment for me is joy and love, truth and pure being.

Conscious embodiment is the sweet, beautiful Spirit of Love that communicates itself through my body and everybody when “I” am awake.

It can either come through a person or it can be the whole ocean of Life.

At once.

In every cell.



The wild Life of unemotional pure Love that can never be put into words nor be found by science.

Cleaning up

I create space.

I clean up the cultural being:

The one who loves to be personal.

Who loves to define and to realize things.

To be emotionally selfish and tiresome.

Then, in that free space, Life happens and is embodied.

For me, becoming conscious of Life and being able to act directly with clarity is to be responsible.

Fully knowing that I am the creator of each moment of my life is embodiment. 


Life happens when you‘ve had enough of everything else.

For me, embodiment is communication from beingness itself.

In Sanskrit, there is a word for it:


Namaste means:

“The most divine in me meets the most divine in you.”

And in that instance, the most divine is embodied and expressed without division.

Two people meeting and greeting like this become one life embodied in two forms.


The journey

My conscious “waking up” began with a frustrated young dancer looking for light, love, and truth as a permanent state.

My only goal and passion were to find a state within and without where life wasn’t separated into fragments that needed to be put together bit by bit.

Life itself became my university in my search to embody the fierce spirit inside me that gave me no rest.

Something was so wrong, yet inside I knew it could be put right.

It had to be put right.

For me the journey towards embodying Love begun as a journey within.

Into the source where all paths end, where there is no journey any longer.

Where there is nothing to look for, nothing to learn, yet everything to be, to love and to live.

This journey within was also reflected beautifully (as well as painfully) without.

Burning the past inside created space for clarity that is now always within me, even if there are fluctuations of other things in the surface mind and body.

All is in Me

There is nothing static about Life; there is nothing to be gained nor lost.

A great teacher once said to me:

“Marjo, you can never miss out on anything.”

This statement made me understand and later truly know that All is in Me.



He also said to me: “Never ever doubt your Love again.

I didn’t.

And I never will.

Of course, my teacher wasn’t really outside of me.

He was me within me.

For I embody everything and nothing.


Marjo Wuorisalo

Photo: Sara Bondegård (1), Michael Cramm (2,3)


Marjo Wuorisalo is a yoga teacher and dancer in Kristiinankaupunki and Helsinki, Finland. You can find more info about her on her website (in Finnish): www.yogasource.fi

This is how she describes her work:

“I am here to assist people finding their Inner Radiance of Love. This happens in my YogaSource and SourceSomatics trainings, courses and retreats where people gradually are starting to realize how every cell in this beautiful body of ours is made of light and how our co-creative consciousness has the power to transform our individual life into living love.

The somatic methodology I employ includes conscious embodied breath, voice, movement and outer nature as a guide to our inner nature. The YogaSource yoga method that I have developed is based on the source of life. This source is in each individual being; beyond culture, beyond history or any concepts. As this source is continuously changing, yoga, asana, breath, meditation and the many different practical aspects of living a conscious life are also changing; every day, moment to moment in an organic fashion that reflects the vastness of life.

New SourceSomatics group/course
In September 2018 I‘ll start my first course in SourceSomatics; scheduled to meet five times between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. The course is for dedicated participants that already have some experience in embodied consciousness through yoga, dance or similar methods. In this course, we will create a safe environment to make it possible to practice in an energy field based on love, acceptance, and non-judgment.

We will use a great variety of embodiment practices that enable our whole being’s intelligent biosphere to wake up every participant’s individuality and uniqueness. As we enter the space and time before disorganization and disassociation of life happened within us, the body, the mind, and the spirit are allowed to reorganize themselves into a more vital, joyful, loving, organic, playful as well as physically healthy being. Methods utilized in this course have been influenced by Body Mind Centering, Continuum movement, Authentic movement, Movement Meditation as well as my own methods. This first course is also the beginning for an optional longer SourceSomatics training that makes it possible to become a SourceSomatics coach.





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