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Living an embodied life

When we are children, our bodies are filled with Yes! But when we grow up, why do we feel so full of No? How can we find our way back to this vibrant life energy and live fully in the present moment?

Why and when do we lose the connection to ourselves?

Welcome back to Yes!

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"When we started, I could only breathe very high in my ribcage, it was like I had a strap across my chest. During our breathing classes, I gradually understood what breathing is. When I learned to breathe, that was when I started to live."

Helena Wirén-Westerlund,

"When I first tried to relax, I mostly fell asleep. But then one day, I noticed that I could go into deep relaxation AND stay awake. That experience opened a totally new world for me. Now, I often spontaneously slip into this wonderful place."

Jaana Virtanen,
Dance and yoga instructor

"During a period in my life when I felt low, Peter invited me to a class in free dancing. Later that night, when I drove my 13 miles back home, my face was one big smile. Since then dancing has become a way for me to connect with myself and my life energy."

Mats Sandström

"Free dancing is for me a way to return to my soul. In my everyday life, I often swallow my feelings and emotions. But when I dance, there’s a rush of good energy that cleans away all that’s old and outworn, and brings me back to myself."

Carina Skog


Body + Mind = Love

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